Appointments and COVID information

COVID information

All staff employed by Evolution Psychology Queensland are vaccinated against COVID-19.


This practice complies with all COVID state and federal mandates; and encourages anyone who has questions about the COVID vaccination to speak with their doctor.


Evolution Psychology Queensland does not discriminate against people.


While ensuring compliance with all state and federal COVID mandates, Evolution Psychology Queensland will continue to provide treatment to vaccinated, and unvaccinated people.

This support is in line with the Australian Psychological Society, Code of Ethics, Ethical Standards; specifically:

A.1. Justice; 1.A.1.1., 2.A.1.2., 3.A.1.3.  

A.2. Respect: 1.A.2.1., 1.(a), 2.(b), 3.(c) , 4.(d)., 2.A.2.2.  

A link to the Australian Psychological Society, Code of Ethics is here 

The Australian Psychological Society has developed COVID information sheets.  These information sheets can be accessed via the link below.





Please contact (07) 5608 9834 to enquire about appointments.


  • $215 per session (50 minutes)

  • NDIS fees are set at the NDIS fee schedule


To enquire about appointments, please call (07) 5608 9834;

or email

Alternately, you can contact us here.




Monday         : 9am to 4pm

Tuesday.        : 9am to 4pm

Wednesday   : 9am to 4pm

Thursday       : 9am to 4pm

Friday            : 9am to 4pm 

Saturday        : closed

Sunday          : closed



Please contact Evolution Psychology Queensland as soon as possible if you are unable to make your appointment.  If you do not cancel with at least 48 hours notice, a cancellation fee may apply.