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You can book a full fee private appointment any time, however if you see your GP they may provide you with a Mental Health Care Plan for six sessions.  If you complete six sessions and require additional sessions, I will prepare a report on your progress to your GP, who will need to see you for confirmation of the additional four sessions. Your GP, will decide if you are eligible to access an additional four sessions under a Mental Health Care Plan.  If your GP agrees, they will provide you with another Mental Health Care Plan for the remaining four sessions available over the course of a year (1 January to December 31).

If you have a current Mental Health Care Plan, you will receive a rebate of $87.45 for up to a maximum of 10 available sessions per year.  


  • $180 per 50 minute session, rebated $87.45 with an eligible Mental Health Care Plan

  • NDIS fees are set at the NDIS fee schedule


To make an appointment, please call 07 5608 9833.  Alternately, you can contact us here.




Monday         : 9am to 5pm

Tuesday.        : 9am to 5pm

Wednesday   : 9am to 5pm

Thursday       : 9am to 5pm

Friday            : 9am to 5pm

Saturday        : negotiated

Sunday          : closed

*other times available by request



Please contact Evolution Psychology Queensland as soon as possible if you are unable to make your appointment.  If you do not cancel with at least 24 hours notice, a cancellation fee may apply.



Whatever you and I speak about during our sessions is completely confidential.  I never provide your information to anyone else.  I will write some notes during therapy and these notes will be attached to your client record, which I do not provide to anyone else, however you may request copies of these notes.


Limits to confidentiality: 


If you tell me that you are thinking of hurting yourself or someone else, I have a duty of care to keep you and others safe.  This might mean I have to break confidentiality to maintain my duty of care.


If courts subpoena my records, I must comply.  If this ever happens, I will contact you to discuss what records they have requested, and will also provide you with a copy if required.


Your GP – if you have been referred by your GP, I am required to report back to your GP on your progress.  After six sessions, if you require additional sessions, I will report back to your GP for approval for another four sessions. 

07 5608 9833

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